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Let's face it, most small businesses know their business, but not how to run a business. Sometimes we lose the big picture so here at A&L we give our clients every resource they need for success. We are a team of talented professionals who came together with the sole purpose of building something better. Our passion is for the small business owner looking for assistance with breaking through those growing pains. We know our why and we can help you find yours.

We are experts of 'why' and aim to help businesses discover their 'why' through creative conversations, tactics, and practices. The skillset of the A&L team is unique in that we utilize our real world experiences and careers to apply precision tactics for your company, brand, and image.

Our Team

Our Team

Ash Watkins

I am obsessed with the question 'why?' and constantly ask "to what end?". Knowing how it works is not enough; I must know why. Through my MA in Intl. Marketing Mgmt from Boston University and over two decades of career development, I have been consumed with creative ways to discover customer behavior and the ultimate answer to unlocking it all is knowing "why" your business is here in the first place.

Steven Barth
Vice President

I was asked to join A & L Media after Ash did consulting work for our medical practice (Hickory Medical DPC) in the spring of 2022.  As we talked, I learned about his passion for helping businesses define their WHY, and he took an interest in my background in small business operations.  I often say, “Most small business owners know how to run their business, but they don’t know how to run A business.”  My passion is helping small/medium-sized businesses implement strategies to help manage growth and fulfill their “why” mission. 

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that's 'why' we're here.

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